Breakfast or not breakfast? That is the question because indeed there are several schools. For our part, we rather want to recommend it to you for a simple reason: it avoids nibbling or even overeating between meals. Yes, the risk with the absence of breakfast is to eat everything and anything from the coffee machine in the morning. Not the best of habits from a weight loss perspective.

Diet or no diet the notion of pleasure in eating must remain paramount. Food is our daily fuel and it is important to listen to each other and appreciate what we eat.

Know all the same that if you eat copiously in the evening, the lack of appetite in the morning can come from there, even if it is not systematic. It may be worth trying to eat a lighter dinner and observe potential changes, especially if you have the feeling of heavy digestion when you go to bed and you experience nocturnal awakenings. These inconveniences can sometimes be linked to dinners that are larger than necessary and can be easily resolved.


The glass of fruit juice helps you refuel! : fake

When transforming fruits from solid to liquid, a large amount of nutrients and fiber are lost (except with a juicer). And this, even if it is a fresh fruit juice. Result, for the energy intake, we will go back… What is left in fine? Sugar ! This is precisely the problem, too rich in carbohydrates, the glass of fruit juice is on the contrary harmful for your food balance. In addition, in this liquid form, you ingest a greater quantity of fruit than if you ate them. To give you an idea, a glass of apple juice, for example, is equivalent to two apples. For these reasons, it is better to avoid consuming it too regularly. Obviously, fruit juice is not to be banned if it’s your indulgence, you just have to drink it sparingly, once a week, for example.

Coffee has antioxidant properties and promotes alertness. It becomes harmful when consumed in excess, that is, more than three cups a day. Ingested in this quantity, it will tend to put too much strain on the kidneys and cause potassium to be lost. Also, be aware that consumed too close to meals, it will slow down the absorption of vitamin C. The ideal is therefore to space it out from breakfast and lunch. To sum up, if you like coffee, we advise you to have a cup in the morning and a second in the afternoon.

All breakfasts do not have the same nutritional value and we do not all have the same energy expenditure during the morning (office worker VS bricklayer). To reduce the risk of feeling hungry in the morning, it is important to eat fiber-based satiety-promoting foods. And if the lunch break is slow to arrive, bet on a controlled and balanced snack around 10 a.m. to regain energy!

Honey is a better option than jam: true

As part of a diet, some people think that jam = fruit = low in calories and therefore a better option on toast. Well that’s a mistake, there was fruit to start with but like fruit juice, the nutrients and fiber are lost in the process, leaving only added sugar in the end. If you like sweet breakfasts, it is better to bet on the benefits of honey. Chosen organic and pure, it has many virtues: rich in trace elements and mineral salts, anti-inflammatory, it also limits cholesterol and strengthens the immune system. What more ? Compared to jam, it will also lower your glycemic index.. A little advice for choosing it: look at the labels to make sure that your honey respects the bees, the environment and does not contribute to the felling of wood, it’s important!


1) Hydration:

When you wake up, hydration is essential! It gently reactivates the digestive system. So if you want to do it right, opt for a minimum large glass of water when you get out of bed. For some it can bring appetite, for others it can cut it down a bit. Listen to yourself and your feelings to adjust the quantity accordingly. And for those who put off, you can try the nice little twist to enhance the water: squeezed lemon! In addition to providing additional flavor, it is anti-oxidant and contains vitamin c. Once again you have to try to see if it suits you, some digest it very well when in others it promotes GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

2) Fibers:

Incomposing your breakfast , always incorporate a source of fiber, it is they that will allow you to be satiated ⸱e. Wholemeal, black, buckwheat or spelled bread from the bakery are excellent options. The only one to avoid is white bread because in addition to being high in sugar, it has less nutritional benefits. As for industrial breads, go your way. Between yeast with fewer vitamins, lots of additives, sugar, sweetener and texturizer, fresh bread from the baker wins hands down! And let’s face it, it’s also much better so it would be a shame to miss it :). To vary the pleasures, oatmeal in porridge or muesli composed of a minimum of sugar work very well too!

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