To lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, it is above all necessary to rebalance your daily diet. This includes a slight caloric deficit, but also the content of the plate, from breakfast to dinner. Discover our top 7 foods to lose weight while staying healthy to integrate into your menus now!

What diet to adopt to lose weight

When you want to lose weight , the temptation is great to go on a diet. And for good reason: the advertisements generally boast of a weight loss of several kilos in just a few weeks. High-protein, low-glucidic, single-diet diets… today there are many diets designed to lose weight.Although they are most of the time effective for losing a few pounds, these diets have the disadvantage of promoting the ” yoyo effect “, i.e. regaining the pounds lost once the usual diet has been restored. A weighted and healthy weight loss should cause you to lose about 500 g to 1 kg per week. Beyond that, there is a risk of deficiencies and muscle wasting as well as a loss of your vitality which can have many consequences. Food is also not everything when you want to lose weight. Thus, your food rebalancing must be accompanied by regular physical activity , stress limitation and good quality sleep !

Top 7 foods to lose weight to favor on a daily basis

The slimming diet consists of several elements. On the one hand, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce as much as possible high- calorie foods as well as “empty” foods that are high in energy but contain few nutrients. Limit foods high in fat and sugar, as well as industrial and processed foods, alcoholic beverages and sodas.Conversely, focus on certain food categories like fruits and vegetables , fiber-rich foods, and lean proteins to fill you up and contribute to healthy, balanced weight loss.

Rolled oats

oatmeal for weight loss

To replace morning pastries for breakfast , try oatmeal ! To cook in porridge or to sprinkle on yogurt or cottage cheese, oat flakes are interesting to consume daily to lose weight. Rich in fiber, they help to achieve the feeling of satiety and limit cravings for snacking before lunch. They can be prepared in porridge with vegetable milk (almond, rice, etc.) with fresh fruit and a hint of honey for the gourmet side. On the calorie side, count 68 kcal per 100 g of product. The glycemic index of oatmeal is also set at 40 (low index).


When you want to adopt a slimming diet, it is generally advisable to reduce the consumption of fatty meats such as beef, pork or lamb depending on the cuts you choose. Beef ribs and pork ribs, for example, are the most fat-rich cuts. Instead, favor lean meats and cuts such as turkey or chicken cutlets , ground steaks with less than 5% fat or even veal


If you are a vegetarian , you can easily replace poultry with eggs ! Rich in protein (about 6 g for an egg), they are also low in calories: 75 kcal per unit. Easy to prepare and cook, eggs also contain many nutrients. It contains iron, zinc and vitamins (A, D and E). The advantage of eggs is that they can be eaten throughout the day: for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


white fish for weight loss

As for seafood, fish are also slimming foods that should not be overlooked. If eating fatty fish like salmon can be interesting to benefit from their high omega-3 content, white fish are to be preferred for weight loss. Cod, anchovies, hake, monkfish or even tuna, the many varieties of fish will help you diversify your menus and never get bored!

Whole grains

Far from being banned when you want to lose weight, cereals also have their role to play in food balance. Choosing them whole offers several advantages: generous in fiber, they are satiating and low in calories while promoting transit. On the other hand, be sure to season them in a healthy way so as not to lose their benefits, for example with spices or herbs!


Often mentioned as a slimming food, apples , in addition to being quite low in calories, also increase the feeling of satiety thanks to their high fiber content. They are particularly recommended as a snack to limit snacking and satisfy sugar cravings! But you can also enjoy them as a dish, in your salads or with other fruits such as bananas or kiwis.

Zero calorie foods

Some fruits and vegetables are known to be very low in calories. They are defined as such when they do not exceed 40 kcal per 100 g of product. Among the zero calorie foods that can be consumed at will, we can mention konjac pastes, cucumber and zucchini, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes or even spinach. Similarly, citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit will be your allies in winter, both for losing weight and to fill up on vitamins!

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