Colored hair, which shampoo to use?

shampoo to use

Colored hair needs care specially designed for it. The ideal? Nourishing and protective formulas that boost the shine of the hair fiber and preserve the intensity of the color.

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The coloringsPerms are made with active chemicals, which are not only good for the hair. Also, monthly use is a correct frequency so that the hair has time to regenerate. However, with each shampoo, the color gradually fades, the hair becomes dull and the roots appear. But because it’s a permanent product, the color never really fades unless you cut the length of the color-treated hair. The first thing to do for the color to keep its shine is to use the nourishing treatment provided in the coloring kit. We often tend to leave it aside, it ends up in a drawer or even in the trash. However, it has its uses: sometimes with argan oil, this treatment actually has nourishing properties, which will preserve the hair and the color, even before it has time to disgorge during a shampoo.

Which shampoo for my color?

So that the color does not fade too quickly, the first thing to do is to wash your hair less often. An easy habit to take since the coloring dries the hair: suddenly, they grease less quickly and only require 2 or 3 shampoos per week. Then, it is better to favor mild shampooswhich will not attack the hair fiber by stripping it, such as Dercos Mineral Doux shampoo from Vichy. Because anti-dandruff shampoos, special oily hair, for example, tend to attack the hair. And the same goes for shampoos specially designed for coloring: indeed, they help to keep a bright and flamboyant color, but they are not intended for frequent use. Once a week is enough, like a repigmenting cure.

In addition, for blonde hair, a yellowing shampoo will be more suitable. In this case, it is advisable to choose one benefiting from smoothing active ingredients which will close the scales of the hair and thus retain the color. Generally, silicone is used in shampoos to achieve this smoothing effect. However, we now know that this ingredient is bad for your health. That’s why there are silicone-free shampoos, but with natural active ingredients that have the same power and are perfectly healthy. Here are some examples of ingredients that can be found in shampoos, or in bottles to complement a mild shampoo:

argan oil, shea butter or acai berries are natural active ingredients that soften the hair, make it vigorous and shiny: the color is enhanced thanks to them;henna for brunettes will restore shine to the color;chamomile is known for its lightening properties on blond hair;rice protein has moisturizing and softening properties, ideal for restoring the shine of a color;silk proteins smooth the hair, making it soft and silky;soy lecithin moisturizes and nourishes hair, making hair color brighter.Our advice for use

Regarding the frequency of use, it is therefore advisable to wash your hair with a mild moisturizing and nourishing shampoo, every 2 or 3 days, and to apply a special coloring shampoo once a week, which will act as a one-time treatment.So that the color does not turn too quickly, in the shower, gentle massages of the skull are to be preferred, with abundant rinsing and, if possible, in cold water. Very hot water indeed opens the scales of the hair fiber and allows the color to leave more quickly. In addition, cider vinegar, added to the last rinsing water, removes the limestone deposited by the water and prevents the hair from dulling.

Finally, drying the hair in the open air rather than with a hair dryer will avoid attacking it, unless the device has a “cold air” function.Find our color ideas for short hair .Check out the haircut trends of the year in the video below:

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