Maintenance of colored hair?

colored hair

Applying your shampoo and conditioner are familiar gestures. And yet by dint of hearing all sorts of myths about their use, we don’t always make good use of them. disentangles the true from the false.


It is important to change brands of shampoo regularly: TRUE

For cleaner and shinier hair , it is recommended to change shampoos regularly . There are, in fact, different washing bases, also called detergents, in shampoos. To prevent the hair from getting used to this chemical composition and the product no longer having an effect, we alternate our usual brand with other products. The ideal is to switch between normal shampoo, nourishing care and treatment for colored hair if necessary.

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We use a conditioner from the same range as your shampoo: FALSE Just

because our shampoo is a special volume shampoo does not mean that the conditioner must have the same specificity. One can for example use a shampoo for colored hair, supplemented by a hair conditioner for damaged hair. Because a conditioner is used above all according to its richness. The oilier the hair, the lighter the product. This avoids weighing down the hair. As for dry and fragile hair, we prefer a mask much more effective than a conditioner.

A good shampoo must lather a lot: FALSE

A shampoo that lathers a lot is not always a guarantee of quality. If it tends to over-suds, it may even contain too many detergent ingredients. This risks dulling the hair and damaging its natural protection.

You should not wash your hair every day: TRUE

Washing your hair every day is not the best way to make it less greasy. On the contrary, doing this only accentuates the problem. By washing them every day, we indeed increase the excess of sebum and we sensitize the scalp. Result: despite the morning shampoo, the hair is greasy again in the evening. The solution ? Use a gentle shampoo for frequent use and limit yourself to washing every other day if possible.

Baby shampoos are very gentle and suitable for adults: FALSE

A baby shampoo does not mean “gentle shampoo”. On the contrary, this type of product generally uses superfatting active ingredients useful for the hair of the youngest and not for that of adults. Indeed, it does not sufficiently degrease the hair because the scalp of a child is much less oily than that of an adult. These shampoos then risk making our hair much softer. It is therefore preferable to use a mild shampoo for frequent use.

The conditioner moisturizes the hair: TRUE

The conditioner is a real moisturizer for dry and fragile hair. But beware, this is not a reason to ignore the mask . It is he who nourishes the hair in depth unlike the conditioner.We only do one shampoo and not two: TRUE

To do two shampoos is useless, except to damage the scalp. When you wash your hair, you only shampoo it, but you do it well. The user manual ? Wet all the hair well. Then apply the shampoo to the scalp, distributing a hazelnut of product on each side of the head and at the top of the skull. We then work the shampoo for a long time by massaging the scalp with the fingertips.

The conditioner is applied all over the hair: FALSE

What you have to remember is that each product greases the scalp a little more because it hydrates and nourishes. If you apply a conditioner after your shampoo, you focus on the ends, avoiding the roots by a few centimeters. This avoids a greasy and heavy effect.

Hot water attacks the hair: TRUE

If you wash your head with too hot water, the hair feels attacked. It then protects itself by producing an excess of sebum, which has the effect of greasing the hair. We therefore remember that lukewarm water is the ally of oily roots. Cold water, on the other hand, is particularly useful for tightening the scales of the hair and therefore making it smooth and shiny. A quick jet of cold water at the end of rinsing and you’re done. In winter it takes a bit of courage, but it’s worth it.

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